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Shri. Surinder Mehta
(Founder Chairman, Prime Group)


Shri Surinder Mehta, the Founder Chairman & Managing Director of the Prime Group has been awarded the coveted Padma Shri by the Government of India for his distinguished contribution in field of Technology Solutions. On learning of his nomination, Shri Mehta said, "Indeed it is the sincere effort of one & all in the Prime Group which made this possible." 

Shri Surinder Mehta's brainchild, the Prime Group and its various Group companies - have witnessed a remarkable growth from being a prime idea into a multi-activity organization, that today, caters to a wide spectrum of high-tech industries including Power and Energy, Electronics, Investment Castings, Precision
Engineering, Machine Tools, Aviation and Aerospace, Information  Technology to  name  a few.  It has  actually been Shri Mehta's keen sense of vision and an unflinching commitment to contribute and impact the Indian economy that the Group has maintained a continuous uptrend through organic growth as well as diversifications. He has clearly identified and remained focused on addressing the needs of India's priority sectors - the core sectors of the economy particularly related to the development of infrastructure. Shri Surinder Mehta firmly believes that it is these very sectors that can propel India into becoming a fully developed economy, something that we as a nation today are actively engaged in becoming.

Known to be given to achieving excellence in his clearly-defined, steep, pre-established goals, Shri Surinder Mehta carries with him the same infectious enthusiasm with which he began the Prime Group journey over 2 decades ago. He remains steadfast and focused on introduction, adaptation and diffusion of high-tech innovations into the Indian environment. His unwavering zeal in continually scanning the global technological environment for new breakthroughs which could augment the India growth story, is one of the key traits that makes him so admired.

Under his able stewardship, Prime Group has developed a solid reputation of bringing into the country (& the region), products that are not just of the right quality but also technologically dependable and scalable as to generate maximum returns for the investments made by Indian companies.




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