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Investment Process

The process uses Wax Pattern assembled in tree forms on a runner. The complete assembly is coated with ceramic slurry, allowed to dry & then heated to melt out the Wax leaving a ceramic mould into which molten alloy is poured.

The modern lost wax process involves the following stages

•  Product drawing is developed with the help of CAD and based on the drawing, the dies are developed from mild steel or Aluminium material.

•  Molten wax is injected into the mould under pressure using wax injection press and gets a perfect copy of the original. Multiple wax pattern are then mounted around a stem of wax to create a “tree”

•  Plaster type slurry is coated number of times on these “tree” which sets solid on the wax patterns. Then these trees are heated to melt out the wax inside the cavities. After proper de-waxing and cooling process, the shells are ready to receive molten to formulate the original casting.

•  The required material is melted in induction furnace then the molten material poured into the pre-heated shells. Online chemical analysis with spectrometer is to be carried out for each and every batch of molten metal. After proper cooling the shell is removed and castings are cut out from the trees and taken up for fettling, heat treatment, shot blasting, inspection, packing and dispatch.






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