How to buy stainless steel castings from China Supplier

China is a big country in stainless steel production. Every year, a large number of stainless steel castings are exported to all over the world.Buying stainless steel castings from Chinese suppliers, they can enjoy high price differences, far below local suppliers.More and more companies from the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and Australia contacted the China stainless steel foundry to start the foundry business. So what should you pay attention to in the purchasing process? Or how to buy stainless steel castings from China Supplier?

Today we are willing to share 7 tips for buying stainless steel castings from China.

1.Looking for Chinese stainless steel foundry suppliers

There are many ways to source stainless steel foundry suppliers from China. Such as Google, Alibaba, Baidu and some trade shows.Almost the foundry has its own website. Through the search engine into their website, via list of products,you know their superior products. Then through the contact information can be sent to them. Tell them your needs are wish? For example, our website is, in the product, you know our main products, if they are suitable for you, you can contact us directly

2. Contact tool

Email is the best way to communicate between stainless steel casting suppliers and buyers.In the email, you can list all RFQ details such as material grade, quantity, surface treatment and more. All information related to the investment casting parts.Most online tools and Apps is very popular is China.Such as Skype,WhatsApp,WeChat. If your RFQ is urgently, you can send message to us directly.We are pleased to get your message.

In our company,We can offer 7*24 service since time different ,region tradition.

3.Evaluating all the quotations and suppliers

Your will get more quotations sooner after the RFQ was sent.After all, China Investment Casting sales team’s working effect is fast. Maybe you can get amazing price for stainless steel castings. But note that price is not the only factor for dealing. If the quotation is lower that investment casting raw materials,do you believe that it is normal?You can evaluate supplier from their scales, skills, service, ect. From the long term, a reliable supplier can help you to produce lots of stainless steel cast parts in a more cost effective way. Also the delivery will be timely.If available, welcome to visit them on site.

Your are welcome if you can come to us.Our location as below:

4. Payment

Once your order and supplier choosing is confirmed, remember to arrange payment as per contract. So that the supplier can schedule production right away. It is also important to get agreement on payment terms before ordering. The most widely used payment terms in global trade is: 100% tooling cost and 30% deposit of the order, balance payment by against the B/L copy.

In our company, the payment term is flexible. Such as 5%-10% deposit. As the order processing, you can the rest.Even, we can give you 10-20% guarantee money. In a word,we are worth of your trust.

5. Customize Service

In China, lots of stainless steel casting suppliers focus on the business of supplying stainless steel casting blanks only. If you require machining of stainless steel castings. you can make it clear before ordering. And confirming whether the potential supplier have such machining capability.

Our company have 2 factories for investment casting. 1 is foundry, 1 is CNC machining.So machining of stainless steel castings is not problem.

6. Inspection

Quality inspection is very important job.Before delivery, China suppliers should offer full inspection reports to you. If available, you can visit the stainless steel casting factory directly. Even if there is any dimension error or other quality problem, the supplier can reproduce or revise the mistakes timely. This will help to reduce your loss effectively. The quantified product is the same air for buyer and seller.

7 Delivering and shipping

Delivering and shipping is also an advantage of a investment casting supplier. Fast delivering and reasonable shipping arrangement will save more time and cost for customers.

Our company has exported to 30 countries. We have 5 longer term cooperation logistic agent in China ,USA,Australia,Japan. They have full experiernce on investment casting goods shipping and operating .

The above is only part tips for stainless steel casting. If you have any questions about products inquiry,price,Technic or service from China, Please feel free to contact us! As a stainless steel casting manufacturer and exporter, we would like provide a complete casting solution for you. Try to email us your inquiry,to get an amazing quotation.