Fluid power Casting

Fluid power is the use of fluid, either liquid or gas to transmitting power. Hydraulics and pneumatics technology uses it. This process makes power become more usable. There are countless industries that rely on fluid power. These include agriculture, construction, mining, heavy industry, and many others. Fluid power creates applications that people use in their daily lives. This may include robotics, braking systems of cars up to heavy machinery.

At JC Castings, we provide accurate castings for many fluid power applications. We can create a variety of parts using a high-precision investment casting process. And we make sure that we meet the demands of clients. The parts we produce include:

  • Valve Casting components
  • Steam trap components
  • Impellers Casting
  • Compressor components
  • Pump Casting components
  • and more

JC Castings work with a wide variety of materials. These include stainless steel, aluminum, and specialty exotic metals. We can guarantee that the materials we use are of high quality. We source them from steel smelters, aluminum foundries, and other reliable sources. This way, we can deliver net shape or near-net shape parts. And we make sure that it will suit our customers’ preferences and requirements. Our parts provide the utmost efficiency and durability that our clients can rely on. This is even in high-pressure fluid power applications.

Below are our most typical Fluid power Castings.