What is CNC Machining?

People only know the conventional way of machining. This process is effective and provided industries the products and components they need. Conventional machining is useful for many people even from way back. But, as time progresses, the needs of people and industries grow as well. This is when technology becomes an important factor in the change. With this, experts introduced CNC machining. Now, this became a popular choice for many industries and manufacturers.

CNC machining is a process where pre-programmed software dictates the manufacturing process. The instructions from the software command movements of the factory machinery and tools. This aims to control a wide range of machinery, from simple to complex. With the use of CNC machining, tasks can finish fast since there are lesser prompts to follow.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. Its process helps speed up and improve what manual operations do. But, human operators will still operate the machines. CNC machining works by activating the CNC system. In the system, the desired cuts are already programmed. This allows the machines to move according to the prompts of the program. Following the prompts help create the desired end product. The CNC program stays in the computer memory. In case there are new designs and programs, computer programmers will have to add them in. The CNC machine operators should have knowledge on how the products should be. This way, they will know the way to run the machine according to the required output.

CNC machining is efficient, accurate, fast, and productive. It is still possible that errors may occur along the way. But it is still a more precise way to machine materials to produce an end product. This makes a worthy choice with manufacturing components and products.

Types of CNC Machines and Machine Tools

There are several types of CNC machines and machine tools used in manufacturing. This helps in creating the needed products and components. The machines and tools make machining precise and accurate. This will create the perfect product needed. Most of the time, products produced by CNC machining no longer need finishing. This is how perfect the products are with CNC machining. This is why this machining style has become in demand among manufacturers.

CNC Lathes and Turning Machines

The CNC lathes and turning machines have the ability to move materials in a rotating manner. It uses cutting tools fed in a linear manner along the rotating bar. The material moves around until it meets the needed diameter. Different products that need drilling use this type of CNC machine. There are lots of functions that this CNC machine can do. It includes:

  • Drill holes
  • Drill bores
  • Do broaches
  • Do ream holes
  • Create slots
  • Do tapping
  • Do tapers and thread

CNC Milling Machine

The CNC milling machine can revolve tools used for cutting while it keeps the material in place. It can create a variety of shapes and forms. The CNC milling machine can create even deep cavities in materials. This is able to work on several cavities needed for the component. It can do different milled features like:

  • Shallow cavities
  • Flat surfaces
  • Cavities
  • Slots
  • Threads

CNC Laser Machines

The CNC laser machines feature a pointed router with a laser beam. The focused laser beam will cut, engrave or slice materials. The laser puts extreme heat on the material causing it to melt or vaporize. This then creates the needed cut in the material. The machine works by moving back and forth over the material to make an accurate cut.

The CNC laser machines can create lots of designs. It also makes forms with accurate edges and cuts. Oftentimes, these do not need extra finishing. This is also used for engraving. It is useful to mark the company logo, name, or symbols on the material. This is the most popular CNC machine. Many manufacturers use this in their operations.

CNC Electrical Discharge Machines

This machine is also called die sinking, spark eroding, or spark machining. It is because it uses electrical sparks to work on the materials. This works by giving off an electrical discharge to produce intense heat. With the heat, the material can melt or evaporate to create the desired design or shape. It is often used on hard metal. It can create micro holes and tapered or angled. This can also do slots and other complicated features.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

The CNC plasma cutting machines are also used for cutting. But instead of a laser, it uses a plasma torch. The computer controls this cutting tool to ensure accuracy. Like a laser, it melts the material according to the desired shape and design. It is important that the material used is conductive. A few examples of these are copper, brass, steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

CNC machining offers a lot of functions and capabilities. It provides precise end products with improved speed and details. Industries and manufacturers use CNC machining for the best results.

Types of CNC Machining Operations

There are three basic types of operations that CNC machining can do. These are all necessary for creating the desired end product.


Drilling requires the use of multi-point drill bits. These can produce holes in the work piece. The rotating drill of the CNC machine works on the plane of the material’s surface. It works by creating aligned holes. This operation is useful in processes like countersinking, counter boring, tapping, and reaming.


Milling uses a multi-point cutting tool. The cutting tool, fed with the material, shapes the desired output. This operation can perform processes like cutting shallow and flat surfaces. It can also do deep slots and threads into the material.


This operation uses a rotating cutting tool. It works on the surface of the material to produce the desired circumference. CNC turning performs processes such as thread cutting, boring, facing, and grooving.

CNC Machining Materials

There are a lot of materials that are useful in CNC machining. These make it possible to create the best output needed by industries.

Stainless Steel

This is the most common material used in CNC machining. It is preferable because of its strength. It is also versatile and has high machinability. Products that need durability and strength use stainless steel. Its corrosion-resistance property makes it a good material.


This is a popular material that in CNC machining. There are lots of industries that prefer aluminum. It is because of its lightweight but sturdy features. It is also machinable and cheap. Though it is not as strong as the other metals, aluminum still has the strength to offer.


There are a lot of products created using brass. Using this material in CNC machining makes it even more purposeful. Brass can be appealing and will look best with the precise processing of CNC machining.


Titanium is a useful material to use in CNC machining. It is heat and corrosion-resistant. This also has good strength but can be lightweight. But, its price can be heavy on the pocket.


Steel is inexpensive which is why it is also one of the favorite materials in CNC machining. It is strong and durable. There are tons of products produced using steel. High-performance parts, components, and products come from steel as its main material.


Copper is a versatile material for CNC machining. It may be costly but durability is of high level. This material is also corrosion-resistant and conductive.


CNC machining can also use plastics as raw material. This is inexpensive, lightweight, and non-conductive. But its versatility can promote tons of products and components.

With the use of these materials, CNC machining can produce lots of components. The industries and traders use these products and components. This makes CNC machining an important element in the operations of businesses. It is important to know the best material to use for a product. This way, industries can achieve utmost productivity, and efficiency. Expert manufacturers and experienced CNC machine operators know the materials to use. With their knowledge, they are able to produce the right products needed.

How does CNC Machining Works

CNC machining is all computerized and works with high technology. The CNC machines need software programs to function. The software programs have numerical control codes. It also has tool paths that the machines can follow. The software programs give prompts to the machines. Thus, it should follow the movements required in the operations of CNC machining.

Human operators run the CNC machining. Human intervention and management are still important in creating the desired end product. It is important that the operator knows the CNC machining procedures. This way, they can achieve the best output needed.

In performing machining, the operator should know the best materials to use for a product. Performing the process well will result in a precise end product. CNC machining is a preferred process by many industries and manufacturers. It is because of its speed, quantity, and precision. It may be an alternative to human-work manufacturing. And this is a big help for industries to get the components they need for their operations.

When to Use CNC Machining

A lot of industries already use CNC machining. Conventional machining is still very much in use. But, many manufacturers prefer CNC machining for many reasons. So, when would you use CNC machining? You can use CNC machining if:

  • You are in need of bulk production of a product. CNC machining produces end products faster than conventional machining.
  • You need a product in a rush. CNC machining can create the product in a faster amount of time.
  • You are after accuracy and precision. The software programs prompt the computers to provide accurate work on the materials.
  • You want continuous production. CNC machines can work day and night non-stop.
  • You want uniformity in the products. Machines can make products with exactly the same size, shape, type, and looks. With this, all the products made are uniform.
  • You want to achieve lesser production costs. With it, you will use lesser people to do the manufacturing. It is because the machines can handle more tasks.
  • You want better safety for your workers. When people do not handle the machines with their bare hands, they achieve safety. This means lesser accidents for the workers.
  • You want to produce different products. CNC machining provides versatility in its procedures. You can create various products from its machines and tools.

There are a lot of benefits that industries and manufacturers can get from CNC machining. This is why the majority of the industries and trades prefer the use of this precision machining.

Industries that Rely on CNC Machining

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Dental
  • Manufacturing
  • Firearms
  • Hospitality
  • Metal Works
  • Military
  • Transportation
  • Publishing
  • Production

CNC machining is a computerized form of manufacturing. Conventional machining is still useful and in demand. But more and more choose CNC machining because of its many benefits. One of these is precision on the end products. Also, CNC machining offers speed, accuracy, and cost-efficiency.

CNC machining uses many machines and tools. These make the process easier, faster, and more precise. Each machine has its capabilities and functions. The human operator should have the right knowledge with these machines. Though the machines perform the procedures, human management and operations are still needed in CNC machining.

Conventional machining is still very much in demand. But many are already considering the modernization of machines and processes. Many industries already make use of CNC machining. It shows how people are embracing the technology and advancements it can offer. This manufacturing process offers advantages to the industries that need components and products.

There are lots of companies that offer CNC machining. In choosing one, it is important to find a company that is reputable and experienced in this field. People who want to hire a company should consider the variety and quality of the products they offer. Find a company that will bring you the best CNC machining services and products. Research and recommendations will help in finding the best CNC machining company around.

CNC Machining Service Company

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Main Products

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