Marine Hardware Casting

In our foundry output, part of the precision investment castings that we manufactured is for the marine hardware industry. The steel, stainless steel, and aluminum investment castings that we manufacture are used in a wide range of products in the marine hardware market. Aluminum casting is light but it is limited corrosion resistance in seawater and requires significant maintenance.

Stainless steel casting is recognized as the first choice for marine hardware applications for excellent corrosion resistance, strength, luster, and stiffness.

Why is Stainless Steel Casting for Marine Hardware Application?

1-Stainless Steel

SS304, SS316, and duplex stainless steel can all be used in marine applications. They have excellent ductility, good strength, non-magnetic properties, good weldability, and very good corrosion resistance. Especially 616 Grade Stainless Steel is called marine grade” stainless. It offers a solution to around 90% of marine applications.

2- Stainless Steel Investment Casting

An investment casting process is an excellent option for producing dimensionally accurate hardware. Especially that requires superior corrosion resistance for the marine industry. Since many highly corrosion-resistant materials (i.e. 316 stainless steel) are cast on an OEM basis, employing this process makes good economic sense.

Our marine hardware casting Features:

OEM and Customize: Specifically bespoke and low volume stainless steel casting, aluminum castings and copper-based castings. We have the capability to use flexible patterns to meet smaller demands and keep very competitive on price.

Strict Testing and Inspection: Our marine castings pass the highest scrutiny and can be manufactured up to 100 kilos. We test to international and customers’ standards and often comfortably exceed the standards set. We have the capabilities to x-ray, crack detect, ultrasonic test, and mechanical analysis. Our clients can be satisfied with our marine castings.

The marine hardware casting products we offer.

  • Boat rail base fittings
  • Boat propeller
  • Boat Steering Wheel
  • Deck hardware
  • Marine cross bollard
  • Bruce boat anchor
  • Engine components
  • Cleats, handles, brackets, covers and other boat hardware
  • Bearing housing
  • Seal housings

Marine Casting Suppliying

JC Casting Foundry produces thousands of stainless steel investment casting parts each year. Besides we keep the fastest lead time. The competitive price is also our advantage. We also have the ability to provide parts with extra surface treatments. Such as electropolishing, mirror polishing. So that to enhance corrosion resistance even more and provide parts with superior surface finishes.

While stainless steel is one of the most used metals in the industry due to its strong corrosion resistance, we have provided marine industry castings in bronze, aluminum, and carbon steel as well. Such as all types of cast parts: Bearings, gear Housing, Stern tube bushings, bearings housing, azimuth housing, propellers, keels, all types of cast parts from drawings or patterns in different alloys.