Precision Casting Manufacturer and Supplier

  We are a professional precision casting manufacturer and supplier in china. We are also a precision casting exporter with our own exporting company. We always produce Hi-quality precision castings and export our products to all over the world. As a welfare company, we can offer you the most competitive price. You may know more about us from our web

The basic info about our precision casting foundry.

  •   Specialize in Stainless steel casting .Especially SS304 and SS316(L),Carbon Steel Casting,Alloy castings.
  •   Experience:10 years export experience
  •   Process: Investment (Lost Wax) Casting & Forging, Machining, Mold Design
  •   Finishing: Mirror Polish
  •   Quality Control: Spectrometer Analysis & Load Testing Machines
  •   Management: ERP System
  •   Certificate: ISO 9001:2015
  •   Service: 7*24h.After-sale team following

Our Precision Castings types:

  Our products include various kinds of casting and forging, and so on more than a thousand kinds of products, including shackle, clip, flange, pulley, ring and rotating ring, ring screw, ring nut, spring hook, eye hook, swivel hook, ring, D ring, fast connecting ring, U type wire, bollard, door buckle, eyelet bolt, butterfly nuts and other stainless steel products have occupied the domestic and foreign industry fixed market rigging.

  The products are widely used in various engineering hoisting machinery, metallurgical and mining equipment, railway port handling, forestry machinery, electrical equipment, aviation and marine, land transportation, industrial and mining enterprises of lifting, lifting, traction and other industries, in addition to my company’s production of elbow, elbow, three, different diameter pipe, flat welding flange, high pressure three series, DIN11851, SMS, 3A, IDF, RJF.

  Quick connector series; ball valve series: 1PC, 2PC, 3PC, T- type three, L- type valve and three flanged ball valves;

  Pipe fittings and valve, globe valve, check valve, Y- type filter, butterfly valve, needle valve, card hoop, flange, auto parts and other products are widely used in machinery, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, chemical, petroleum, natural gas, boiler, heat exchanger, food, medicine, health care, environmental protection, electrical and other industries.

  We can also be based on customer requirements to design, produce other types of stainless steel products. The company has a number of professional precision casting production lines, CNC machining centers, processing center. Also has advanced optical quality analysis equipment to ensure that the material. High pressure test and leakage testing equipment, air tightness testing equipment, angle testing Taiwan, the national standard dental regulations, the Central regulation and light regulation, solid melting furnace, and other advanced equipment, first-class technical capacity.

As a precision casting manufacturer,Our Advantage as below

  •   High Quality:
  •   ISO, CE approved quality;
  •   Our inspect team to ensure the high quality for each shipment
  •   Competitive price

  We produce and sell directly; From material, work efficiency, production line, each link are controlled very well, then, our price is very competitive.

  •   Quick shipment

  With enlarge production line, our production time is 20-30days, even more quicker.

  •   Professional Sales Team:

  The sales person are praised by customers because of their quick reply and short time to solve the matters for customers.As per different market, our sales person can give you professional suggestion, some new customers appreciate their profession introduction.

  •   400 + Clients:

  We now have over 200 clients, and 20 of them have sourced from us for 8 years or more, and some of them is very famous. We have rich experience to provide the best service to the big company and chain supermarket.

  •   New items:

  Almost every month, we will launch 3-5 new items.

  •   Technicians:

  Our technicians could produce according to customer’s drawing or samples.

FAQ for precision casting manufacturer supplier

  •   How long do you handle the cargo control items?

  23 Years. In the past 23 years, we are only in the field for cargo control items.

  •   How can we get a sample:

  A: For new customers, we will charge sample fees/express fees

  Guarantee: Sample fees and express fees will be refund to customer in the order.For regular customer, no sample fee or express fee needed.

  B: Samples are very quick, that is usually 3-7 days.

  If popular sample, we could even supply right away.

  C: Once the sample is finished, we will deliver it to you by DHL, TNT or UPS.

  •   What is your MOQ ?

  Different items with different MOQ demands. Please contact with us for detailed information.

  •   Do you have some certificate?

  We have ISO 9001-2015 and CE certificate

  •   How do you control the quality?

  1.We have the inspect team to control the quality problem.

2. From material to finished products, each step, our inspection man to inspect it.

3.For each order, we will test and have the record.

  •   Can we get the test report before shipment?

  1–Of course, all the time, we provide test report to our customers before shipment.

  2–Besides test report, if customers need , we also can provide material certificate.

  •   What can we provide to our customers?

  We can provide our customers professional service, including high quality products, professional suggestion, quick reply 7*24h, competitive price, timely delivery time.