Brass Investment Casting

  JC Metal is brass investment casting companies and suppliers. We can supply brass investment castings as per your design, engineer.And we can also provide brass investment casting for your exact specifications.Brass investment casting is the manufacturing process that creates parts through the metallic replication of wax models. Investment casting using molten brass results in a final product that is very smooth and detailed without flash or parting lines. This technique can creates parts that are precise and lightweight.

Brass Investment Casting

  Almost any castable metal may be investment cast. Brass investment casting is also by this process in our brass foundry.


The Brass Casting is be produced by lost wax investment casting process or die casting process.

  The first step in investment casting is creating a master die out of wax. This wax pattern can be carved by hand or machine or may be produced through brass casting molds. The die is an exact replica of the part that is to be produced. It is attached to a wax rod called a sprue. Several hundred wax patterns may be attached to the same sprue or it may be a single pattern. When the master dies are firmly attached, the assembly is inverted and dipped into a ceramic slurry called the investment. It may be dipped multiple times to achieve an even coating and the desired thickness. An alternative method is to mount the assembly in a flask and to pour in the investment. The investment is then left to dry, which requires a number of hours unless the process is aided by a fan or vacuum. After it has dried completely, the assembly is inverted and baked in an oven or furnace in order to melt or vaporize the wax. The mold is heated more than necessary to guarantee that there is no moisture or residual wax inside that would interfere with the liquid brass that is then poured into the space left by the wax. In order to thoroughly fill the mold, the molten metal can be drawn in through vacuum, positive air pressure or centrifugal casting methods. Sometimes the force of gravity is enough. The brass cools and once it has hardened into a solid, the investment mold is removed to release the brass casting inside.

Materials for Brass Investment Casting we can make

Brass HPb63, HPb62, HPb61, HPb59, H59, H68, H80, H90 etc.
Copper C11000,C12000,C12000 C36000 etc.

Advantages of Brass Investment Casting

Smaller diameter holes than forging, sand casting, and die casting
Tolerances within +/- .005 inches per linear inch 
More environmental friendly 
Highly complex dimensional geometry 
No tooling cost
Typical surface finish of 175 RMS micro-inch  
We can supply all kinds of machining products according to drawing, sample or specific industry standard. 
Many international advanced-level equipments such as CNC maching center ,CMM,testing equipments and so on.
OEM services and precise dimension, processing make sure the part is perfact in every way.

Brass castings are used in many applications

  Metal parts are used industrially, commercially and domestically everyday. Investment casting has been used for jewelry making for hundreds of years but is finding modern use in a wide variety of applications including dental and medical tools, engines, couplings, fittings, pipes, propellers and thousands of other examples in the plumbing,aerospace, automotive, dental, medical, chemical,electrical, construction,mining,food processing, telecommunication, military, sports and brass casting precision parts,other industries.


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