Coffee Machine Filter Holder Body is an important part of a coffee machine. During the coffee-making process, the coffee filter holds the ground coffee. Prevent coffee grounds from getting into the coffee. The drink is made by pouring hot water into the coffee. JC Casting is a Filter Holder Body Manufacturer in China.

Filter Holder Body


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Coffee Machine Filter Holder Body Materials

A coffee machine is a food machine. So Filter Holder Body materials are also from food-grade steel. In our factory, the stainless steel 304 and 316 are the popular materials for Coffee Machine Filter Holder Body.

Food Grade Stainless steel 304 and 316 Features

1) The product has a good gloss and a beautiful appearance

2) Adding Mo element, strong corrosion resistance

3) Excellent high-temperature strength

4) Excellent work hardenability (weak magnetic properties after processing)

5) Non-magnetic in solid solution state


For Filter Holder Body production, we use lost wax investment casting + mirror polishing. This can create a perfect Filter Holder Body.

Since Filter Holder Body shapes are special. So lost wax investment casting process can meet this request well. The stainless steel casting advantages of Filter Holder Body.

  • Flexible Designing
  • Good Surface Finishing
  • Net Shape or Near Net Shape
  • Less Casting Defects
  • No Quantity Limitation. The Investment Casting process can be utilized to produce components in smaller runs as well as in batches with large quantities.

After the casting is finished, we will do a mirror polishing on the part. So it will look better.

Coffee Machine Filter Holder Body Manufacture

JC Casting is a Coffee Machine Filter Holder Body Manufacture with our own foundry and machining workshop. We can OEM and ODM your Filter Holder Body or other coffer machine parts. We have produced coffee machine parts, especially for Italy. Including many world well-known brands.

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