Copper aluminum alloy castings

Copper aluminum alloy castings are made of copper and aluminum as the main casting metals. Casting alloys are formed after adding other strengthening metals. Now its production process and technology are relatively perfect. JC Casting is a supplier of copper and aluminum alloy castings. Such as pump, valve, impellers.

Copper Aluminum Alloy castings 1

The alloy produced from copper and aluminum castings can be heat treated. The alloy can get high strength, hardness, and excellent machining performance. High-strength copper-aluminum alloy has a high room temperature and high-temperature mechanical properties. It has excellent polishing and electroplating properties. Can withstand large static loads and shock loads. Can be used for aviation components. And processing and subsequent processing are more convenient. It can reduce the processing cost and the consumption of raw materials, and simplify the process.

Many products made of copper and aluminum castings are used in aerospace, nuclear industry, tanks and other important fields.

But, Copper aluminum alloy castings also have high requirements for the casting process. The alloy is solidified in a porridge-like manner. When the casting is not easy to be like other castings, the sequential solidification method can be used. Prone to looseness. And uneven heat is prone to thermal cracking. Moreover, when the casting process is not appropriate, the internal structure of the metal will not be tight and uniform. Reduce the overall strength of the metal.

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