Customized lock parts door lock investment casting accessories

Customized lock parts door lock investment casting accessories

  Locks, Lock Parts, door handles,door lock sets and other lock set accessories are one of the architectural hardware. It is also our advantage product.We offer high quality precision castings by investment casting process and die casting. Our customers come from Japan’s largest furniture manufacturer and the largest lock seller in the United States. The longest cooperation has reached 23 years from our company found. locking parts and Door hardware has been a core competency of our investment casting foundry.We focus security and lock component solutions for major OEMs serving in the commercial, industrial, municipal, and consumer markets.

Lock parts investment casting process.

  For Customized lock parts, door lock investment casting accessories,the investment casting process is more in our foundry. For lock set parts, its structure is complex. Our producing process : before producing, we have to analysis the drawing,then make the mold -wax injection—dewax-casting-post treatment-inspection—assemble-delivering

Materials for lock parts

  • Alloy steel
  • Stainless steel, 304 is more
  • Brass

Lock parts we produced.

  Our engineering expertise pushes the castings process to its limits and we will be the leading manufacture of the industry. We provide custom engineered and quality investment cast parts in a wide variety of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal alloys to exceed the highest standards of the security hardware and lock component industry. We supply completely machined and finished production parts dock-to-stock ready for your assembly line.

  From design stage to prototypes through to machining and finishing, we can offer you the complete, one-stop-shop for your security and door hardware investment casting needs.

Here are a few items we manufacture:

  • Strikes and Strike Latches
  • Cams and Locking Hooks
  • Lower and Upper Slides
  • Spindles and Cranks
  • Latch Bolts and Slides
  • Faceplates and Escutcheons
  • Handles and Levers
  • Deadbolts
  • Control Links
  • Keys

  For Customized door lock investment casting accessories, we have next product list:Door Handle, Door Lever Handle. Lock Parts, Handle. Lever Handle, Investment Casting Parts, Lost Wax Casting Parts,Door lock Hinge, Heavy Duty Hinge,,Lock Hardware,OEM/ODM orders are accepted

If you have any inquiry about the lock parts casting,welcome contact us freely.