Ductile Iron Casting Companies

We are one of ductile iron casting companies and manufacturers in China. We have our own ductile iron casting foundry with a machine factory. From ductile iron casting design, raw materials purchasing and testing, casting, post-treatment, all ductile iron casting processes are finished in our factory. At same time, we have our own ductile castings ltd for exporting business. They are Familiar with all trading issues.. They can provide professional service for ductile iron casting buyers all over the world. If you need ductile castings, the right place you come.

We have been a leading ductile iron casting manufacturers in China. As a ductile iron castings buyer, welcome you to check our production workshops and main products from their websites. If we can communicate for your project in advance. We can manufacture your products very well.

Ductile iron casting foundries

Here,let us introduce the our ductile iron casting foundry and machining workshops.

There is ductile iron casting machine Equipment in our Foundry.the rough and finish machining works can be completed in the foundry house. The typical ductile iron foundries should have the following casting equipment and workshops:

Ductile Iron Casting Companies 1

Casting equipment: such as resin sand, green sand, shell molding sand treatment equipment.

Ductile Iron Casting Companies 2

Melting equipment, such as electric furnaces.

Ductile Iron Casting Companies 3

Heat treatment equipment.

As for the ductile iron DIN 1693 GGG40, GGG50, and GGG60 grades, no need for special heat treatment, but for higher grades such as GGG70 and GGG80, heat treatment is necessary.

Ductile Iron Casting Companies 4

Casting clearance equipment, such as sandblasting and grinding equipment, and welding equipment.

Ductile Iron Casting Companies 5

Mechanical and Chemical inspection devices.

In our ductile iron casting companies, besides the foundry, we also have a Machining factory.

CNC Machining factory

One ductile iron casting foundry and manufacturer, one of our advantages is we have our own Machining factory.We have various types of milling, lathe, grinding, drilling, planning machines and CNC centers, so we can complete the high precision machining works.We can machine half finished ductile castings which are from other ductile iron casting companies.If you have machine work, you can contact us too.

With own Machining workshops, we have below advantages:

  • 1-To complete various high precision machining works, so could manufacture high precision ductile iron castings.
  • 2- To deal with many types of casting materials. Beside of ductile iron, grey iron, steel, alloy and aluminum materials are also ok.

If a ductile cast iron casting company or manufacturer only have a workshop for machine.They also some disadvantages:

  • 1–They are not familiar with the raw castings as the foundries, so sometimes, they can not control and inspect the raw castings quality very well.
  • 2 — Since it is trading business,the operation cost and taxes will cause high prices.
  • 3–The unstable cooperation between the machining companies and foundries will cause the risk to their clients, such as unstable prices, delivery time and qualities.

Ductile iron casting grades

Iron foundries are still the main force of ductile iron casting manufacturers. Most foundries could manufacture ductile iron casting ASTM A536 60-40-18, 60-42-10, 65-45-12, 70-50-05, 80-60-03, only few foundries could produce higher ductile iron grades 100-70-03 and 120-90-02.

Recently years, because of the global crisis, the pig iron, resin and other raw materials and manual cost have been more expensive.More and more ductile iron casting manufacturers have been closed, therefore, the prices of castings have been increased largely too.But Our Foundry is a progressive organization, has enjoyed consistent growth and has never had a losing year financially. We strongly encourage visiting our facility to better appreciate this 20-plus year effort.