Mixer impeller

Mixing impeller is also called Impeller Mixer, agitator blades. The Mixing impeller types are many. Generally speaking, the Mixer impeller is divided into two categories: for low viscosity liquids and for highly viscous liquids.

Paddle, curved blade turbine, hinged turbine, disc turbine, push, Bruma gold, and toothed plates are suitable for agitation of low viscosity liquids. In the turbulent state, the ratio d/D of the impeller diameter d to the groove inner diameter D is usually about 0.3 to 0.6.

Anchor, ribbon, and screw are suitable for the agitation of highly viscous liquids. Operates in a laminar or transitional flow state. In the case of mixing a highly viscous liquid, to reduce the poorly mixed retention zone, the d/D is usually about 0.9. The exception is the screw impeller, which is either offset or used with the draft tube. The d/D is typically 0.4 to 0.5.

In terms of materials, stainless steel casting impellers are our superior products.


Stainless Steel Casting for Mixing Impeller

Stainless steel is widely used as the material for impeller mixers. Because Stainless Steel Casting has excellent advantages of resistance to corrosion. It can minimize contamination of the materials being processed. Especially the surfaces that contact the fluids. Such as in the food, dairy, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Its demand is from the smooth surfaces. So stainless steel casting will be the best choice

Impeller mixer Casing Process

From the types of mixing impellers, there are many different shapes with different structures. That cause the production method will be different. To meet the multi demands of mixing impellers, our foundry uses the stainless steel lost wax casting method to manufacture mixing impellers. After the wax in the shell is melted, we poured the liquid metal into the shell. After cooling, the impeller was made. With investment casting, the mixing impeller has a good surface finish. It reduces or saves secondary machining to save time and cost.

To get a shining or more surface effect, we usually make the post-treatment. On the surface of stainless steel casting mixing impellers, we can make either mechanical or chemical treatments or electropolishing. Surface scale and discoloration that appear after heat treatments can be removed by chemical treatments. For high purity requirements, electropolishing not only offers the advantage of being versatile. But provides a very smooth surface that is readily passivated.

Stainless Steel Impeller mixer Casing supplier

As the professional and leading stainless steel casting manufacturer in China. Customizing casting is our most advantage. Our company is able to customize the mixing impeller as per our client’s sample or drawing. On materials choice, we often cast mixing impeller with 316L stainless steel or even higher stainless steel grade. Then passivated, electropolished, or mirror polished.

If you have any project of Impeller mixer, welcome contact us freely. Our professional sales team and engineer will give the best method and solutions for your decision. We are happy to start cooperation with our customers from the initial sample order.