Stainless Steel Casting for Turbine Housing

The turbine housings are the housing that covers the turbine and guides the exhaust gasses into the turbine wheel. The turbine housing is one of the most crucial parts of the turbo-charger.It us used to determine how the turbo will perform. Our Foundry is one of China stainless steel casting supplier for turbine housing.We have developed many types of casting or finished turbine housings for our clients from Japan, USA, UK, Canada, German.

Stainless steel casting in our Foundry is an excellent lost wax investment casting process. It was widely used to cast all complex stainless steel products.The turbine housing is a good example.Because the stainless steel investment casting for turbine housing can get higher dimensional accuracy and nice surface treatment quality. The casting method can not only meet large production run, but also ensure the consistency of cast turbine housings.

Advantages of Turbine Housing by Stainless Steel Casting

  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Good surface finish
  • Net shape or similar net shape. Less machining

How to Order Turbine Housings from Stainless Steel investment Casting Companies

1.To check the investment casting company can produce the turbine housings or not? Did they have the experience to supply turbine housings for their clients?One experienced company is better than a fresh new foundry.

2.The buyer know what kind of turbine housings casting they want?What is the materials types, materials grade?For example,our stainless steel casting is more turbine housings supplying.But there are choices of stainless steel grades.So it is necessary to tell the manufacturers which stainless steel grade would be cast. Normally, the Nickel content of stainless steel material will affect the casting price.

3. For turbine housings, they are all customized as per customer’s drawings or samples. So, before sending email inquiyr, the buyer should prepare drawing ready. Mark all critical dimensions and tolerances parameters in the drawing. And due to its complex shape, it is better to send 3d file either in stp or igs file, thus stainless steel casting manufacturers can check each dimensions clearly.

4. For turbine housings,most of them are stainless steel casting. So need buyer make sure the casting method used in the potential supplier is stainless steel investment casting, not sand casting or others. Because the investment casting can provide higher dimensional accuracy and surface finish.

5. If you want to purchase finished turbine housings, it is better to supply both casting and finished drawings to suppliers. Meanwhile, make it clear that the stainless steel casting supplier can offer machining service either in house or outsourcing.

Stainless steel investment casting manufacturer

We are one Chinese stainless steel investment casting manufacturer and exporter from Dongying City. Our foundry has good experience to produce various kinds of iron casting, steel casting, non-ferrous casting part.Besides the stainless steel turbine housing, for the turbocharger, we also supply the clients other metal parts such as compressor housing, turbine impeller, compressor impeller. The processing way normally is investment casting and CNC machining. Our main clients are from Japan, UK,USA,German,Finland in different industries,such as automobile,marine,constructions,machinery.If you want to get a reliable investment casting foundry supplier in China.Contact us freely. You will win!