Stainless Steel Casting Manufacturers and Suppliers

  We are one of stainless steel casting manufacturers and Suppliers in China.We have own our investment casting foundry with machine factory. stainless steel castings are our main product and most exporting output. We focus on the stainless steel casting design, stainless steel casting parts quality and stainless steel casting service upgrade. On stainless steel casting technology and process item, we have Skilled stainless steel casting technology and experience.

Our Stainless Steel casting mostly are high grade one.They are customized as per client’s drawing or idea. In producing, the casting process of lost wax casting stainless steel was used. You can have many benefits across industries as diverse as automotive to oil and gas to food equipment. The stainless steel casting process can help your business lower costs while getting parts that are designed just the way you need them.

With this process,its also have more advantages.

  •   1. Greater design flexibility

  Stainless steel casting has the greatest freedom of choice for the shape and size of the casting.Especially complex shapes and hollow sections。

  The Stainless steel castings can be made from the unique process of core castings. Easy to shape and easy to change shape and can quickly produce finished products according to drawings. It can provide quick response and shorten delivery time.

  •   2. The stronger flexibility and variability

  We can choose from different chemical compositions and organizational structures to meet the needs of different projects. Different heat treatment processes can select mechanical properties and can use this property and improve weldability and workability.

  •   3. Improve overall structural strength

  Thanks to the high reliability of the project, weight reduction design and short delivery times. The competitive advantage can be increased in terms of price and economy.

  •   4. Wide range of weight changes

  Small Stainless steel castings may be only 10 grams. While large steel castings can reach several KGS, dozens or even hundreds of tons.

Stainless Steel Casting Companies in china


  Our stainless steel casting company is located in Dongying, China. It is 2.5 hours away from Qingdao Port.So the fast delivery will be also our advantages.We offer this along with a world-class pricing structure and a seamless supply chain that reduces the cost of ownership for our clients. All of our focus is spent on delivering quality products as quickly as possible, and at the most affordable price.

Some buyers want to get stainless steel casting near me.It is not difficult because of the convenient transportation.We can send all goods to your home fast.Such as stainless steel casting Europe buyer.They can get it by air if the quantity is not heavy.


  A foundry with skilled experience can create stainless steel castings to fit your needs. Our stainless steel castings for industries such as: Food Machinery, Doors and Windows, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, and much more.

  Another features of our stainless steel casting foundry is the quality control system. From casting design, trial producing, mass production, we have a full quantity control and tracking system.Each order of every customer, a full set of document will be made.The oldest files can be tracked to 1997.

Stainless steel casting service

  When you are looking at custom stainless steel cast part, the quicker feedback is very important Because of the world time zone.We are stainless steel casting exporters, Our sales team can make 7×24 hours service by work shift.Once ordering, we can finish first samples within 10-15 working days. This helps our clients to see the samples shortly, and deliver mass production goods smoothly.

  With our good quality, competitive prices and impressive service, we are always keeping good business relationship with our customers. Our aim is to be one of the best stainless steel investment casting manufacturers in China. If you need a customize stainless steel castings supplier.Contact us today to request a quote for your project.