Machining is individual work for investment castings. Machining investment casting parts will have more accuracy. Machining can be used for investment castings, machining from sand castings, machining from die castings, machining from forgings, and machining from bars, etc. The machining is also an important part of our foundry. We have our own individual machining factory. As an investment castings manufacturer and foundry, we would like to talk about machining for investment castings.

What is machining investment casting? 1

Why use machining?

High tolerance

Investment casting is always the first choice in designing and creating a new metal component. Because of its high precision, less material waster, free dimensions, and low production cost. But it does not mean investment casting is almighty. Especially the mold design limited and tree Assembly limited in was lost casting process. If the tolerances for dimension and size are too tight for the investment casting process, the feature or hole must be machined. To get closer tolerances, the machining can be an assistant process.

Better surface finish

It is important in applications when the part needs a seal with another component or assembly. Machining can provide a nicer surface finish than investment casting itself. Our surface roughness can be 10s max.

Additional cost

Machining becomes expensive, however, when multiple fixtures and jigs must be designed and produced to machine different planes of a part. Additional time also is needed to change the machine setup for each plane to be machined. Casting in the feature eliminates the secondary machining cost. Single machining will add extra production time and cost. If machining can fulfill all the needs of applications, the additional cost to do so is negligible.

What is machining investment casting?

Machining is the process used to cut and manipulate raw material ( investment casting blanks) for a finished product. It is a great way to ensure precision for unique shapes. Metalworkers use cutting, drilling, forming, grinding, and more to create final machined investment castings that are durable and accurate details.


Machining Operations of Investment Castings

There are many kinds of machining operations. Each operation can form a certain part geometry and surface texture. Here are the main machining operations in our factory.


A cutting tool with a single cutting edge is used to remove material from a rotating investment casting part to generate a cylindrical shape. The primary motion is provided by rotating the product, and the feed motion is achieved by moving the cutting tool slowly in a direction parallel to the axis of rotation of the investment casting part.


Drilling is used to creating a round hole. It is accomplished by a rotating tool that typically has two or four helical cutting edges. The tool is fed in a direction parallel to its axis of rotation into the investment castings to form the round hole.


In boring, a tool with a single bent pointed tip is advanced into a roughly made hole in a spinning investment casting part to slightly enlarge the hole and improve its accuracy. It is a fine finishing operation used in the final stages of product manufacture.

4– Reaming

Reaming is one of the sizing operations that removes a small amount of metal from a hole already drilled.


In milling, a rotating tool with multiple cutting edges is moved slowly relative to the material to generate a plane or straight surface. The direction of the feed motion is perpendicular to the tool’s axis of rotation. The speed motion is provided by the rotating milling cutter.

To finish those machining operations, it needs more machinery. Here is our machining factory equipment introduction.

Machining equipment


What is the application of Machined Investment Castings?

Investment casting is used in almost all the industries: agriculture, mining, medical, aerospace, pump&valve, etc.

Machined investment casting includes the process of machining the component after it has been manufactured to have it delivered to the company’s exact specifications. In these types of industries, it is important to ensure that any exact measurements are achieved in machined investment casting

As a professional casing company for both investment casting and machining in China, we are always equipped and experienced in delivering high-quality machined investment castings at competitive prices. If you have machined castings need, kindly contact us online, you will get an answer within 18 hours.