Aerospace Investment Casting is a casting which is a High-tech product. It requests Investment casting manufacturers to produce precision-engineered parts while minimizing material and energy waste. At the same time, there are strict quality tolerance requirements.

Most aerospace components are produced via investment casting. For example:

  • Hydraulic system parts
  • Air and fuel system parts
  • Internal mechanical parts
  • Engine parts
  • Environment control system parts
  • Interface controls for operators
  • Cabin control system parts
  • Landing control system parts

One feature of Aerospace components is that they must stand up to extreme weather conditions, pressures, and other factors that cause operational wear. So, these parts have to require superior inherent durability. The precision investment casting can increase tensile strength.

The advantages of investment casting process for aerospace applications.

1–Investment casting produces parts with the elaborate designs, thin walls, undercut holes, and slots that aerospace components frequently require.
2–Investment casting has a superior surface finish, reducing or eliminating the need for secondary machining.
3—Investment casting produces parts of different sizes and weights.
4–Investment casting advantages for people who seeking high-quality custom aerospace parts. Not only in producing process quality control but also:

  • Ensures each part is tested via digital simulations and prototype test runs
  • Lead to realized designs capable of operating through both mild and extreme conditions
  • Facilitates detailed visual inspection of components
  • Creates highly repeatable replicas through standardize

The metals for Aerospace Investment Casting

Investment castings can be created from multiple alloys. And the final finished product performance also benefits from metals’ qualities.

Material selection is critical. It will impact the unique physical properties. These properties range from increased chemical and corrosion resistance, durability in the face of extreme temperatures. Or other hazardous operating conditions.

The Alloys are used in the aerospace industry include:

  • Ni Nickel-Based Alloy Castings, Housing Stem, Aerospace
  • Material 17-4: Stainless Steel Alloy Castings, Cargo System Pedal, Aerospace
  • Material A356: Aluminum Alloy Castings, Sensor Component, Aerospace
  • Titanium investment casting aerospace

Besides the metal materials choosing is important for Aerospace Investment Casting. Below several points are the same value for evaluating investment casting for aerospace components.

1–Perfect Design Process
In the initial design phase, successful design is critical to a component’s long-term performance. For example, Prototyping allows designers to stress test parts and determine their operability in real-world settings.

2–Tight Tolerance
Every measurement allows for some small level of deviation from set specifications, including thickness, diameter, and other related measurements. The more closely that resulting parts can adhere to an application’s measurement requirements, the better they will perform. Investment castings can be made to adhere to very tight tolerance margins, which leads to increased functionality of complex individual parts and complex systems containing multiple parts.

3–Thin and Streamlined Parts
Investment casting designs can be created to feature thin walls without the risk of losing structural integrity. Examples of these include undercuts, slots, threads, and more. Integrating critical assembly requirements into components is no issue for the investment casting process.

What we can do and Our Supplying:

Our products are found in virtually every civilian and military aircraft platform across a wide range of critical applications. We manufacture highly engineered castings. Such as cast ball bearings, cable clamps, couplings, components for landing gear, brake system, fuel valve, fuel manifold, pitot probes, and other sensors. we also produce high-spec aerospace fasteners and locking devices as well as other demanding components requiring outstanding casting expertise, stringent process control, and certified quality systems.

Proven expertise in manufacturing aerospace precision investment castings with intricate geometries, exacting specifications, and challenging requirements.

Size Castings ranging from 0.25” to 10” with wall thickness as low as 0.020”
AlloysProven expertise with Aerospace alloys such as 17-4 PH and 15-5 PH in addition to a full range of air melt alloys including Nickel, Cobalt, Aluminum and Copper-based alloys as well as other Stainless and Low Alloy Steels
Supply Chain We offer finished products including machining and coatings as well as assembly operations where required
Inventory programs Ensuring your castings are available when you need them.

Why chose us as an Aerospace Investment Casting Supplier?

QualityCertified ISO 9001:2015, Our fully integrated ERP system provides full lot traceability and real-time shop floor feedback
Service From quotation inquiry and expedite request through technical support and final delivery, our Team’s responsiveness will exceed your expectations
Latest Technology Including semi-automatic wax presses, shelling, an exclusive high-speed shell drying tunnel as well as 3D modeling and rapid prototyping capabilities to meet our customer’s exacting requirements
Mold We offer expertise using either the Shell Mold or the Solid Mold processes. This allows us to select the best process to meet your specific job requirements. See our Unique molding processes.
Transfer tool We are the preferred choice to develop new castings. In addition, with an on-site tool room and unique molding processes; we have a very successful track record of using existing tools transferred from other foundries. we can solve your casting issues while also saving you time and money!

If you have any investment casting parts with Tight Tolerance, kindly contact us freely. We will provide the Aerospace Investment Casting qualification for you.