Pump Impeller Valve Casting Manufacturer

Pump Impeller and Valve Casting Manufacturer

  We are a Pump Impeller and Valve Casting Manufacturer from China. Our investment Casting foundry has 23 years of experience in casting pumps and valves.We produce high-quality, durable investment castings for pumps,impellers and valves via lost wax casting process .Our soluble pattern processes allow us to generate internal complex geometry that alleviates tooling insert mismatch. Our pumps and valves castings are widely used in for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.Such as pipelines, medical, food processing, waste management, and pressure vessels.Especially stainless steel castings, it has well-known mechanical properties as the top choosing material for pump and valve castings. 316 stainless steel is a good example.

About Pump Impeller & Valve Castings,we cast various parts for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment including:

Covers Solenoid Control Valves Coil Housings
Cap Regulators & End Caps Butterfly Valves Bonnets
3 Way and 4 Way Bodies Spool Valves Air Flow Control Inlet Valves

Pump, Impeller & Valve Casting Manufacturer Benefits

As a Pump, Impeller & Valve Casting Manufacturer,,we can produce then in various materials, types,and different dimensions. Our benefits are as below:

Size range capabilities from 1 lb. to more than 3,000 lbs. for pump, impeller and valve casting
Heat treatment (anneal, quench and temper, normalize and temper, through-hardening, age hardening, case hardening.)
Proprietary and industry standards (ASTM, ASME, NAVSEA TECH PUB 278, NACE, MIL-STD, etc.)
All levels of NDT (non-destructive testing)
Small run loose pattern capability
Superior performance with smooth surface finish
Ability to support sophisticated castings
Prototype casting

Pump, Impeller & Valve Casting Typical products

Here,we list 3 typical products of Pump, Impeller & Valve Castings.

Cast PumpValve castingsImpellers Casting

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