Stainless Steel Casting Glass Fitting

  Glass fitting is one of construction hardware accessory. We are a China specialist designer and supplier of stainless steel casting glass fitting. We have our own foundry and machining factory.Most of our glass fittings are stainless steel casting. They are widely used in Sliding doors,Glass Shower Screens & Fittings,Sliding Glass Showers,Glass Balustrades,Pool Fencing,Sliding, Bifolding & Stacking Glass Doors,Glass Doors,Stair Balustrades & Handrails,Glass Canopies. These years,our biggest exporting market is AU and Canada.

Why stainless steel Casting glass fitting is popular?

  Stainless steel is a steel alloy. It is mainly composed of iron and chromium. Stainless steel is strong, durable, resistant to heat, corrosion, oxidation and certain environment conditions. For the good castability of stainless steel, most stainless steel products with complex shapes are produced by stainless steel investment casting process. Stainless steel casting process is the lost wax silica sol casting process starts from the formation of ceramics around a wax pattern to form a shell for casting stainless steel. Once wax patterns are created, they are melted into the gate system, immersed in slurry and sand to form a layered shell. After cooling, it is replaced by molten stainless steel. The stainless steel casting will have high advantages.

Advantages of stainless steel casting.

  1. Chemical properties: Chemical and electrochemical corrosion resistance is the best in steel. Second only to titanium alloy.

  2, Physical properties: heat, high temperature, low temperature resistance, ultra low temperature.

  3. Mechanical properties: According to different types of stainless steel, the mechanical properties are different. Martensitic stainless steel has high strength and hardness. It is suitable for manufacturing parts that are both corrosion resistant and require high strength and high wear resistance. Stainless steel knives, stainless steel bearings, etc.

Austenitic stainless steel is very plastic and not very strong. But corrosion resistance is the best in stainless steel. It is suitable for occasions that require very high corrosion resistance and low mechanical properties. For example, chemical plants, Fertilizer plant, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid manufacturers of equipment materials, etc. can also be used in submarines and other military industries. Ferritic stainless steel mechanical properties are moderate, the strength is not too high. However, oxidation resistance. Suitable for a variety of industrial furnace parts.

  4. Process performance: Austenitic stainless steel process performance is best. Because of good plasticity, can be processed into a variety of plates, tubes and other profiles, suitable for pressure processing. Martensitic stainless steel due to high hardness and poor process performance.

China stainless steel casting glass fitting

  Our various types of glass fittings or hardwares that are designed and manufactured by stainless steel casting. The exported fittings are glass spider fittings, glass spigots, glass clamps and so on. These cast stainless steel glass fittings cover any frameless glass application in both domestic and commercial applications. Maybe you have same inquiry.

  In the manufacturing of architectural Glass fittings,our Foundry has 22 years investment casting history. We design, manufacture and supply high quality custom glass fittings for architectural glass systems including glass spider fittings, glass spigots, glass clamps in different sizes. All glass fittings are made of stainless steel grade 304, 316 or higher grade duplex stainless steel 2205. They can be supplied as a mirror polished or satin finish. Before loading,our test reports will be provided for you.

  Whether your project is big or small, residential or commercial, We are ready to supply all your glass fittings need. We are confident that you will find everything you need for your projects at our foundry. Our team of professionals is prepared to assist you and accommodate to any special requests you may have.

In our casting foundry, we have strictly quality control system. If you have factory audience, it is our pleasure and we will cooperate highly.