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Production Facility
1. Engineering Dept:

CAD facility for development of 3D modeling from drawing.
< Tool Design on CAD / CAM
2. Tool Room:

In-house facility for making precision dies & tooling with multiple cavities.

< Injection moulds

< Digital Control Milling Opr.
3. Wax Pattern Shop:

Controlled atmosphere pattern shop with wax melting and preparation facility and 12/35 Ton Hydraulic Wax Injection Presses.
< Wax Injection
4. Shell Room:

Temperature & humidity controlled shell room with equipment for building strong shells using colloidal silica & ethyl silicate slurry system, shell furnace for wax de-waxing pot and autoclave de-waxing

< slurry coating
< Drying Area
< Autoclave De-waxing

5. Melting shop:

High frequency Induction melting furnace of 150 kg, 100 kg and 50 kg crucibles.

HSD fired shell-baking furnace.

< Metal Casting
6. Fettling shop:

Pneumatic pencil grinders, Belt grinders pedestal grinders with facilities for abrasive
cutting. TIG welding, Plasma cutting Machine, Tumblast, shot blasting and sand blasting machines.
< Fettling Shop
7. Heat treatment :

Heat treatment furnace with automatic temperature control & recording.
< Heat treatment

8. CNC and conventional machining facility


< CNC Machining Centre

< Conventional Machining



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