Stainless Steel or Stainless Steel castings are widely used as food machinery parts. Do you know why we choose Stainless Steel or Stainless Steel castings as food processing machinery parts? What are the benefits for it?

Easy To Clean Durable
Stainless steel is easy to wipe clean and does not easily breed bacteria. Since it is low maintenance, food workers are able to clean thoroughly and efficiently. This also causes the material to last for much longer than other metals might. By nature, steel is one of the most durable metals on the market. Not only is it less prone to physical damage, but it is also resistant to corrosion, as well as wear and tear related to aging. While other metals have to be maintained during use, stainless steel will likely need fewer professional repairs.
Chemical-Resistant Compatible With Heat
While various stainless steel grades will behave differently, most are generally resistant to chemicals. This means that even the heaviest bleaches and other cleaners can be used on the surface without breaking it down. This is an especially useful property when working with heavy machinery. Stainless steel is able to withstand high temperatures and pressures without morphing or altering in any other way. It will also hold its shape under these conditions.

The typical applications of stainless steel casting for food machinery spare parts

  • Slanted bar twin screw extruder prices corn chips food making puff snack machine
  • Automatic Date Printing Sea Food Packing Machine
  • Small biscuit cookie flow pack machine
  • Industrial food machinery for Madeleine cake
  • Food grand stainless steel 304 parts cnc turning food processing machinery
  • Non-standard cnc turning machining metal parts food processing machinery

Food machinery parts Stainless Steel casting method: lost wax Investment Casting

To compare with other working techniques, stainless steel lost wax Investment Casting process has more benefits. That is also the process in our foundry. It’s advantages are as below.

Quality ImprovementsInvestment casting is typically a precision casting process. So this casting process can creat most precision components for food processing industry.
Less machiningDue to the fact that these molds result in what is basically the final product there is much less secondary machining and modifications that need to be done to the metal in order to get it up to the customers specifications after the molding process. This saves money in the long run as it cuts back on the time of the overall manufacturing process.
Customizable Design stainless steel lost wax Investment Casting process is made at a time. This gives customers the option to make customized lot sizes of food machinery components. This saves the manufacturing plant significantly more time and resources as they do not have to put working into products that the customer has no real need for.

China Stainless Steel lost wax Investment Casting Company

Our company is specializes in producing stainless steel castings for food machinery processing industry, such as meat grinder castings.Main process of stainless steel casting from our company is lost wax casting. It will provide close tolerances, good surface finish and high quality. We are able to provide food machinery stainless steel castings in any quantities weighting from 0.1kg-60kg. Besides, due to our capabilities of supplying machined investment castings, any machining requirements of stainless steel castings are available from our company. We can supply one stop services from tooling, casting and machining. On the certificate, we have passed the ISO 9001-2015. All quality are insured.

Cooperate with us, you will enjoy our competitive prices, high quality and impressed services. Contact us today, you will get the answer within 16 hours.

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