Casting VS Machining

  Casting and Machining is Complementary processes each other in investment casting. Once the precision of investment casting can not fulfill the finished component requirement. Machining operations will be choosed. Machining can help to achieve more precise also can make surface finish better.


  we are an investment casting foundry with 2 factories. 1 is foundry.another 1 is machining our foundry use last wax casting technology. We can produce alloy steel casting,Stainless steel casting,carbon steel casting,Iron casting and so on. One of the benefits of the casting process is the ability to create complex shapes and internal passageways within the mold. It is are not possible for machining.

Our Casing Ability


Why do we use machining?

  In many cases, casting is not enough for some special shapes and dimensions. It needs machining.Many factors can determine whether the stainless steel castings will be machined. It includes casting process, complexity, and dimensional and surface finish requirements.Once the precision of stainless steel casting can not fulfill the required finished component. Machining operations will be chosed. If the tolerances for dimension and size are too tight for the casting process, the feature or hole must be machined.Nicer surface finish is important in applications when the part is meant to create a seal with another component or assembly.

Our machining factory

Machining equipment: CNC Machine. (5 sets). Lathe: (25 sets ).They are from Japan or Taiwan.

3 in 1 drilling machine (10 sets)

Testing equipment: Coordinate Measuring Machine ( CMM )and others.

  Most of our casting products are medical requirements and semiconductor equipment. On the high precision stainless steel castings machining we have enough experience. We can handle a variety of parts, from manual turning & milling to complex multi-task CNC machining services.Our specialized turning & milling processes enables us to manufacture machined stainless steel castings with intricate geometry. At same time maintaining high precision and accuracy.We can manufacture complex parts that require precision milling, drilling, and turning.

  With our foundry and machining factories, we can control the casting price well.If you look for investment casting and machining service in China.We are a good choice.