Aluminum die casting is a metal-forming process. It is not made by gravity, but by pressure. The liquid aluminum is injected into a mold which is made up of two halves. After the molten aluminum has solidified, separate the cast aluminum part. To get the die casting part. At JC Casting, we have 3 main Aluminum die casting methods. They are Permanent mold die casting, High-Pressure Die Casting, Low-Pressure Die Casting.

1–Permanent mold die casting Method

Permanent mold die casting, also named Gravity Die Casting. It is the most common aluminum casting method. It can produce parts in different thicknesses, sizes, weights.

Quantity: it is better for low, medium, or high-volume production.

Weight: Maximum weight of gravity die-cast aluminum parts usually is about less than 10 kg.
Permanent mold casting is gravity die casting. The pouring rate is relatively low. The production efficiency is lower.

Aluminum gravity die castings Mechanical properties can be further improved by heat treatment. So aluminum castings made from the gravity die casting process show excellent mechanical properties.

2–High-Pressure Aluminum Die Casting Method

High-pressure die casting is the process of pressing melting aluminum fluid into a steel mold via a cylinder pistol. Liquid melting aluminum is pumped at high speed and solidifies quickly to form the aluminum casting parts. The high pressure can reach 1200 bar.

For now, there are two types of cast chambers in high-pressure aluminum die casting: Hot chamber and Cold chamber.

Cold chamber Hot chamber
It is a casting chamber where the molten aluminum alloy is poured into the cylinder. Then the piston pushes the metal into the mold through great pressure. This pistol is not placed in the oven and is considered to be cool. The cold chamber is mainly used for aluminum alloys.The cylinder and pistol are located in a furnace system. And keep the same temperature as the melting point of aluminum alloy.

Quantity: Aluminum high-pressure die casting is suitable for mass production of small details.

Weight: about 5kg

Range: thin cutting surface, and about 0.4mm thickness.

Cost: The larger the aluminum casting part, the higher the cost.

3–Low-Pressure Aluminum Die Casting

The low-pressure die casting process is similar to the high-pressure die casting process. But different pressure for the liquid metal pressing. With low-pressure die casting, the mold is filled with liquid metal from a pressure-adjustable crucible (usually 0.7bar).

The metal annealing furnace is located below (instead of horizontally like high-pressure aluminum die casting), the molten aluminum is pumped directly from the bottom up to fill the mold.

Range: Low-pressure die casting is suitable for manufacturing aluminum castings with a wall thickness of 3mm or more.

Weight: Can reach 150kg.

4–Aluminum Die Casting Factory Processing Capability

4.1 –Surface Finishing

Aluminum Die Casting itself has a good appearance already. But sometimes the applications need some special requirement. We need to meet various surface finishing requirements,

JC Casting provides different surface finish methods for casting. Our surface treatment methods include shot blasting, sandblasting, anodization, powder coating.

4.2 –Heating Treatment

To improve the aluminum castings’ mechanical and physical properties. Heat treatment is necessary. It is also an important process for producing high-strength, lightweight castings. Not only for aluminum casting but also for other materials casting.

Our main Heating Treatment method is T5, T51, T6 and T61.


CFS Foundry can provide completely machined aluminum castings.We have a vertical CNC machining center, fourth axis indexing tables , Multiple spindles and single spindle drilling and tapping.

Vertical CNC machining centers are used to provide precision milling, drilling, tapping, and boring .

Our programmable fourth axis indexing tables allow rotational access to multiple sides of a part for single set-up processing.

Multiple spindles and single spindle drilling and tapping units complement the CNC machining centers, providing the additional capability for machining of single or uniquely-oriented features.

China Aluminum die casting Manufacturer-JC Casting

JC Casting is a global aluminum casting manufacturer.We can use most the aluminum alloys of A356, A380, ADC12, other cast aluminum alloys. We can make aluminum cast manufacturing, from mold design and testing to precision aluminum parts manufacturing, finishing, and packaging. To supply aluminum casting company high-quality products with quick delivery!

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