316 VS 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Casting

316 VS 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Casting

  Stainless steel 304, 316 and 17-4 PH are 3 types of stainless steel grades for investment casting. They are also commonly used in our foundry.In American standards, 304,316 is typical austenite stainless steel casting grade. 17-4 PH stainless steel is precipitation hardening material grade. We have made a competence for 304 and 316.you can view the article of 304 VS 316 stainless steel .Today, let’s compare the difference of Stainless Steel 316 and 17-4 ph castings.

  Both 17-4 ph and 316 stainless steel castings offer high corrosion resistance. But 17-4 PH has the higher hardening content. Precipitation hardening grade is actually a combination of two stainless steel structures. such as austenite and martensite.

  Our Foundry is the professional stainless steel casting company. Both 17-4 PH and 316 stainless steel castings are typical supplying.Due to the differences of chemical compositions and mechanical properties,these two types of stainless steel castings are used in different applications .


  To check the differences between 17-4 PH and 316 stainless steel castings. We tested these two kinds of stainless steel casting samples in chemical and mechanical lab on different testing equipment.The chemical compositions of 17-4 PH stainless steel casting and 316 stainless steel casting are carried out to identify the chemical composition whereas the mechanical tests are performed to know the strength of 316 vs 17-4 samples.

  After carefully testing and comparison, it can be clearly checked that chemical composition for the two grades are bit different in terms of molybdenum, copper, columbium and Tantalum etc. The summary of results is shared below:

GRADES >>SS31617-4PH
Copper, columbium and TantalumN/A4


  The mechanical properties of 17-4PH stainless steel casting is higher in terms of hardness, tensile strength and yield strength as compare to the sample of SS316 stainless steel casting. Here is the summary of results for mechanical properties below:

GRADES >>SS31617-4PH
Tensile Strength Mpa5451276
Yield Strength Mpa2751170
Hardness (HB)220350
Elongation %50%8%


  Stainless steel is stainless steel, right? The type of pressure sensor material is critical when measuring liquids and gases. 17-4 PH is used in a variety of non-corrosive or slightly corrosive liquids and gases. Hydraulic oils, brake fluids and other standard industrial fluids are ideal for 17-4 PH stainless steel. 316L stainless steel has a high nickel content and is suitable for use with many of the more corrosive liquids and gases. For example, natural gas containing low H2S requires 316L to resist corrosion.

Our Quality controlling.

  Before each casting, either 304.316 or PH 17-4 stainless steel casting, stainless steel casting manufacturer should test the chemical compositions. If all elements content is available, the pouring can be done. we have our own spectrometer testing room. The elements testing will be made before each pouring. Before delivering, we also test the mechanical properties to check the quality is within the required range or not. Only qualified stainless steel castings can be sent to customers. At same time. The related testing reports will be enclosed together.


  Now, our foundry just purchased high automatic machine and in producing. The better precision castings will be provide for you.If you have any inquiry about investment castings. not only 304, 316, 17-4.but also other materials, such as alloy casting, carbon steel casting. welcome contact us freely. We will reply you within 18 hours. Now you can email us

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