For today’s bathroom, the frameless shower room is more popular. With the popularity of this frameless shower room, the frequency of use of frameless glass doors has gradually increased. This kind of glass door can play a dual role. One is to increase the space, and the other is to enhance the appearance. So there are more and more places to use the frameless glass door. Now on the market, we can actually see that there are many kinds of glass spiders. They have different materials, different functions, and different functions. So how many types of glass spiders? I will introduce them to you today.

How many types of glass spiders 1

First we will classify it according to its material.

It is classified into stainless steel, copper-zinc alloy, etc., and the types are also various. Among these materials, stainless steel is the best. The bathroom glass spider of this material is very rigid. In particular, some high-quality stainless steel does not need to be plated. Therefore, even if it is used for a long time, there will be no foaming or mildew. Bearing capacity is also better.


Then the copper material is generally electroplated. After electroplating, it will become very bright, which is more obvious. But this is generally not the case at home. It is generally a star-rated hotel. Because its cost is relatively high.

Zinc alloy bathroom glass spiders, like copper bathroom glass spiders, require electroplating. But the cost is very low. Because if it is not plated, the surface is easy to foam. Moreover, the load-bearing capacity is not particularly strong, and it is prone to breakage.

Secondly, the glass spider can also be distinguished according to its surface treatment.

Divided into Brushed stainless steel (also known as sand light), stainless steel bright surface (up to 8K brightness is mirror light), chrome plating, brushed nickel, titanium plated gold, plated pearl nickel, plated pearl chrome, and so on. The first two can only be used on stainless steel, and the latter can be processed according to customer needs.

How many types of glass spiders 2

Classified by structure

Commonly types are spiders: corner spiders and glass-free spiders.

How many types of glass spiders 3

The glass spider is connected to the door glass and the fixed glass. The corner spider has no clear connection purpose, and it can be glass or wall.

Open glass sliders are widely used in various glass curtain walls and are a relatively mature product. Its advantage is that the tempered glass does not need to be opened. In the installation process of the glass curtain wall, only the four corners of the tempered glass need to be fixed on the glass fixture. This will achieve a good installation. It can reduce the risk of natural rupture of tempered glass.


Nowadays, the use of glass spiders is becoming more and more. So the caring should be taken when using glass spiders.

First of all, to prevent bruises during handling.

Secondly, In cleaning, you should use a soft cloth or dry cotton yarn to remove the dust, then wipe it with a dry cloth to keep it dry. Never use a colored cleaner that will damage its surface.

Finally, when the hardware is used, it should prevent the erosion and smudging of acid and alkali salts.

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